Episode 12 - Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome

Two podcasters enter; one episode leaves. In the closest thing to timely this podcast is likely to get, Jon and Ali try to cash in on Fury Road mania with a throwback to a simpler, more 80s apocalyptic nightmare world with 1985's Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. Jon doesn't need another hero. Ali runs Bartertown. The entire episode is a shambles, with all the exciting Bickersons banter being heightened by landscapers outside, a ring at the door, and an impromptu serenade. And the question is answered, can MMIS ever really move beyond Thunderdome?

Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome was directed by Georges Miller and Ogilvie, written by Miller and Terry Hayes, and stars Mel Gibson, Tina Turner, Angry Anderson, Bruce Spence, and some other Australians.