Episode 28 - Baby Boom

Once again Ali and Jon fail to capitalize on any sort of momentum and/or holiday synergy by just doing a random 80s movie after another month off! In this case, it's the very Baby-Boomeresque Baby Boom, from 1987, a movie that Wikipedia claims "debuted strongly on VHS" [citation needed]. Jon can't remember the word "raft." Ali can't remember the term "applesauce." Neither can remember the movie very well because they watched it like 3 weeks ago. Oh, and this episode is a hot goddamn mess from start to finish.

Baby Boom was directed by Charles Shyer, and stars Diane Keaton, Sam Shepard, Harold Ramis, Sam Wannamaker, Pat Hingle, James Spader, the criminally underutilized Mary Gross, the criminally overutilized VIctoria Jackson, and a guy who looks so much like a redneck Jonathan Pryce that it should be a crime.

Holy crap...look at how expensive a used copy of this goes for!