Episode 47 - Return of the Living Dead

Return of the living dead.jpg


Ugh, sorry. We had a bad case of Cryptkeeperitis and are just getting over the puns. Anyway, this week Jon exposes Ali to the Trioxin that is Return of the Living Dead from 1985. Jon needs brains. Ali needs more motivation if she’s going to dance naked on a grave. Both might need to be nuked before the night is over.

Return of the Living Dead was directed by Dan O’Bannon, and stars Clu Gulager, the sadly missed James Karen, Don Calfa, and Linnea Quigley (whom we are legally obligated to refer to as a “Scream Queen”, and whom Jon still after decades refers to as “Leanna”).

Note: news that James Karen passed away happened just today, after we had already recorded the episode. This one’s for you, Frank.